Complexity and Problem in the IT world

I have been going through the Beyond the Goal audio series by Eliyahu Goldratt on the Theory of Constraints and the Linux’s foundation Introduction to DevOps course by John Willis. These are excellent materials for process improvement and enterprise transformation. I highly recommend either of these materials if you want to learn more about enterprise transformation. In all of … More Complexity and Problem in the IT world

If you haven’t got your map, you haven’t got anything

If have not seen the video by O’Reilly called Situation Normal, Everything Must Change, I highly recommend you stop reading this blog and check out the video immediately. If you have seen it…then you can continue reading about my opinion on the issue of “having a map”. O’Reilly goes into a lot of detail about the importance of … More If you haven’t got your map, you haven’t got anything

Empathy is key

Growing up my favorite book was Ender’s Game by Scott Card. This book is a Sci-Fi novel about a boy, Andrew Wiggin, and his battle with the “Buggers”, an alien race that nearly pushed humanity to extinction. Without going into deep detail of the book, Andrew is a genius and has an almost superhuman ability for empathy … More Empathy is key

Continuous improvement = PDSA = Experimentation = Reality

Continuous improvement is the one consistent message in all organizational transformation philosophy. In the manufacturing world, it began with “Just-in-time” and Total Quality Movement (TQM) and eventually becoming Lean from the Toyota production system and Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints. The IT world has adopted these philosophies in the form of Agile software development and DevOps. … More Continuous improvement = PDSA = Experimentation = Reality